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Transforming Youth Through Music

Cultivating an environment where youth are reached, creatively empowered, and equipped to succeed.

Our program will...

Reach inner-city Youth

Provide Youth access to state-of-the-art facilities

Facilitate professional music education

Operate via a network of screened adult mentors, teachers, and peer mentors


MusicOne, a Post-Pandemic Response

The CDC Reports (Ages 12-17, 2022-23) that out of every 100 adolescents, approximately 37 feel persistently sad or hopeless. Nearly 19 out of 100 contemplate suicide, with 16 out of 100 making detailed plans. Since 2020, suicide has been a leading cause of death in the United States, and depression, anxiety, and self-harm rates have been exacerbated (Sources: NMHI, CDC).

Our Solution:

UC Berkeley's recent research emphasizes that genuine happiness comes from intentional communal activities, which significantly reduce anxiety and depression, fostering transformative well-being. We believe fostering community in Youth through music is a key to reversing the poor mental health trends.

Our Strategy

Meeting Youth Where They Are

We're collaborating with Pyramind to reach unreached demographics and resource youth with professional music education

Fostering Community

Our learning, performance, and therapy environments are centered around fostering safety and well-being, to help youth grow and thrive.

Increasing Access to Resources

We bridge the gap between aspiration and opportunity. Through our collaborative relationships, we wrap around youth to see them succeed.

Starting in the Bay Area

This year, we've collaborated with Pyramind, a recording and production school that has been operating since 1997. 


Pyramind has been making an impact in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years, and we've identified inner-city Bay Area youth as a prime demographic for our services.

By performing our services in conjunction with their studio spaces, trained instructors, and educational curriculum, we believe we can make a difference in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Collaborative Programs
The Complete Music Producer.png

Music Production

The Complete Music Producer Program

The Complete Music Producer is a six month, 288 hour structured music production program broken into two levels...

The Complete Game Audio Program.png

Game Audio

The Complete Game Audio Program

Learn the art and science of Game Audio. Includes advanced training in middleware tools Wwise and FMOD, Avid Pro Tools, 130 Game Audio Certification...

Ableton Electronic Music Producer.png

DJ Performance

DJ Performance & Live Performance

Learn the art of DJing, including beat matching, EQ’ing, gain matching, track selection, harmonic mixing, effects, set prep, and more with a Professional DJ....

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More Programs

More Programs

Pyramind offers 10+ additional program paths...

Learn More About MusicOne

Interested in becoming a part of our MusicOne program? Learn more below.

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