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Safety Wear

Risk Management

At YouthOne we believe we can operate YouthOne programs and facilities with excellence, fully complying to governing law and industry best practices.

We keep youth and volunteers safe through...

Our Volunteer Screening Process

We boast one of the most robust screening processes of any youth organization in Lake County.


Our Background and Screening process complies with the AB506 Dual Relationship and Personal Care Assistant combined with an additional layer of authority, care, control, custody and supervision through its notarized short term guardian appointment.


Lake County Youth Services Inc. fully adheres to the Department of Justice requirements including but not limited to Criminal Live Scan Fingerprint and Reference Inquiry in addition to mandatory in person interviews.


Since you trust your child to our care; you can expect you child's mentor to undergo comprehensive screening, annual reviews and be required to produce negative drug test results, participate in mandated child abuse training, medical history, TB verification, and other best practices prior to being hired or permitted to engage with your child.


In addition all of our approved adult mentors and staff who are permitted and authorized to transport youth have undergone extensive motor vehicle driving records evaluation and a 22 point vehicle inspection to ensure your child mentor has a safe operable vehicle and a track record of safe driving history.


All vehicles will be inspected on an annual basis to verify routine maintenance, registration, insurance and a valid driver license is in force without restrictions.


Background Checks & Sex Offender Registry: Were committed to ensuring Mandatory annual criminal DOJ background checks and MVR driving records are evaluated for all directors, officers, board advisors, employees, youth center staff and volunteers.


Mandatory Reporting: Were committed to immediately report any suspected abuse, harassment, molest, misconduct, punishment or victimization to the appropriate authorities and then to our Risk Management Department.


Safety & Risk Committees: Were assembling a Board-led Child Safety & Risk Committee to elevate safety to the highest level of governance.


Mandatory Safety & Risk Assessments: Were committed to completing a mandatory annual safety assessment of the Lake County Youth Services and its facilities are compliant and meet industry standards.


3rd Party Safety & Risk Experts: We're constantly evaluating our internal policies and best practices including but not limited to considering contracting the leading 3rd party safety experts on training, policies and resources.


We rely on industry leaders including but not limited to RAINN, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to child abuse and molest prevention, awareness, and response to conduct a safety review and risk management study. Lake County Youth Services will continue to evaluate its best practices on an ongoing basis to ensure its students are protected from themselves, their mentors, coaches, instructors, volunteers and others.


Mandatory Reference & Requirement: Any employee or volunteer looking to join our Lake County Youth Services organization and participate in any of the FAME tracks or any of our Mentoring and Life Skills programs must demonstrate sufficient experience in working with youth in ages 8 years old through 17 years old; prior to being approved for hire. Applicants must meet our minimum qualifications to be eligible for hire.


Exceptions to the minimum requirement guidelines are only made for High-school Students-In-Training between 16 yrs old and 17 years old; that demonstrates the necessary skills and successfully completes a training program to meet these expectations. 


Continuous Risk Management: Continual updates to our sexual, mental and physical abuse prevention policies, practices, and training that align with best practices of healthcare and school-based settings are implemented for best practices.


Resources for Families and Staff: Impact training and resources for our students and families focused on mental health, substance abuse, gang violence, bullying, and social-emotional development.


Resources for our Members: Our members are required to prominently display key safety resources and information, including the Child Safety Helpline and Crisis Text Lines throughout all accessible common areas.

Communication Policy: Were committed to informing parents and guardians of safety policies when they receive a youth membership application. Your child is in good hands while under our supervision at YouthOne.

If you ever have a concern or suggestion to improve the safety and reduce the risk management please contact us.

Covid-19 Policy:

YouthOne is committed to keeping our communities and Youth happy, healthy, and safe. In light of our current global circumstances, we adhere to the best practices and guidelines most currently provided by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


YouthOne adheres to industry best practices...

Pre-Hiring Screening Process

Before employees are even hired, YouthOne is already applying some of the most rigorous authentication and verification standards as part of our onboarding procedural suite. 

We screen employees for the general stuff like...

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Previous instances of sexual abuse

...and the the specific stuff too; we verify:

  • Claimed education

  • Licenses to practice

  • Personal Auto insurance limits

  • Drivers license & State transportation requirements

Employees are onboarded through a State Criminal Background Check and are reference checked. In certain cases we may also look into work history, cross checking with current certifications and professional licenses to ensure Youth not only get the best, but are served with excellence. 

Employees cannot have any criminal record (unless specifically reviewed and approved by Risk Management) specifically including child related crimes before an offer of employment is made.

This process takes place before any employee is hired.

Zero Tolerance.

We minimize risk through our zero tolerance one-on-one policy, strictly prohibiting one-on-one contact unless otherwise provided for. Not only does YouthOne prioritize your child's safety through the selection of our staff and volunteers, we prioritize their health by strictly prohibiting all drug use (including the use of tobacco, nicotine, or restricted substances of any kind).

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