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YouthOne is currently expanding it's FAME programs, like MusicOne, to the San Francisco Bay Area! Learn More


We are a Youth driven, mentorship based, and relationship centered 501(c)3 non-profit public benefits charitable organization looking to transform the lives of the Youth in the greater California Area. Our mission is to see Youth reached, empowered, resourced, and transformed to succeed through a network of screened adult and peer mentors.



Youth 6-24 years old in Lake County.


Above CA state crime average in Lake County.


Largest amount of families in poverty in CA.


Together as One, reversing the trend.

F.A.M.E. Programs

Programs under FitnessOne, ArtsOne, MentoringOne, and EducateOne (FAME) are all tracks that resource and empower Youth to succeed in their schools, passions, and workplaces.

Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

Upcoming Projects to Fund

It is our goal to provide an extensive offering of interest-based tracks to Youth, all financially accessible. We are only able to move forward with this vision because of the generosity of supporters like you!  

Capoeira Music Instruments


We need the support of our community to accomplish our mission. If you want to make a difference in Lake County, get involed!

All the Latest Updates

Check out what we're up to! We're constantly reaching out into our community and always searching for ways to impact Youth. Check out stories and testimonials from members of our community:

Get to Know Us

Get to know the team of caring individuals helping YouthOne make a difference!

Girl Posing on Surfboard

Vote Now!

Be apart of what FitnessOne tracks come to Lake County:

We're looking to hear from our community in order to better respond to their felt needs. Complete the short survey of activities below to provide your feedback on our upcoming launch of FitnessOne! 

Paraplegic Sporting Event

Our Events

Check out our calendar to see what YouthOne is doing in your area!

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