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YouthOne is directing its resources to see the youth community of Lake County benefit. We are a foundation--a gathering point--for members and organizations in our community come together and make a difference, as one.


YouthOne is a charitable non-profit organization that was born out of Lake County Youth Services' founding mission in 2008. Over the past thirteen years, YouthOne has been dedicated to serving and supporting the unreached youth of Lake County, pioneering brighter futures, and fostering greater well-being in the next generation.

We aim to unify the efforts of the community to reach and maximize the impact of our services on struggling youth. Our initiative is built on accessibility and inclusivity, as we believe that all youth deserve our support without bias. Our goal is to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment that allows children to have fun and become the leaders our next generation needs.

At YouthOne, we are youth-driven, character-focused, mentorship-based, and relationship-centered. Our Youth Advisory Committee ensures that we are on track and responding to the desires and felt needs of actual youth. We strive to reinforce life principles and disciplines that will help youth succeed in all areas of life with integrity. We believe connecting youth with a carefully screened and caring mentor is vital to successful change. Ultimately, we want to build healthy relationships within our community that will provide springboards and mechanisms for change towards the greater good.


If you want to see our mission succeed, we invite you to join us in bringing it to the Youth in Lake County, California! Click the button below to get started. 

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