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Community Service


YouthOne is an active member of our community, unifying the support of volunteers and supporters to make a difference.

Current Projects


01  FitnessOne

FitnessOne is one of the five F.A.M.E. tracks we are seeking to launch in Lake County. We are bridging the gap and removing obstacles so that Youth can build healthy relationships with physical and mental fitness. 

Upcoming Projects

01  ArtOne

We're looking to launch our ArtOne, DanceOne, and GamingOne (digital influencer) programs to offer youth a variety of creative outlets. Our arts programs will range from ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) based music therapy all the way to healthy influence and making a difference through digital distribution.

Young Ballerinas
Music Class

02  MusicOne

YouthOne is premiering our one-of-a-kind MusicOne music therapy, performing, and audio production to empower youth to creatively process ACE's and succeed in their passions.

03  EnrichmentOne

EnrichmentOne is a track designed to empower and enrich the lives and interests of Youth everywhere. From academic aid in our afterschool program to job skills and experience, EnrichmentOne is a track that aids and equips Youth to overcome challenges in every situation.

Kids in Library
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