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Community Service


YouthOne is an active member of our community, unifying the support of volunteers and supporters to make a difference.

FAME Tracks

01  ArtsOne

ArtsOne is debuting it's first program "MusicOne" in collaboration with Pyramind Studios & Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2024. Upon the completion of our pilot in the Bay Area, we plan to expand our services to the Lake County region.

Music Class
Youth Counseling

02  MentoringOne

YouthOne's MentoringOne program seeks to thoroughly equip youth with important life-skills in the context of a safe, accepting, adult or peer-mentor. MentoringOne will help youth reach and accomplish their individual goals.

03  EducateOne

EducateOne is a track designed to empower and enrich the lives and interests of youth everywhere. From academic aid in our afterschool program to job skills and experience, EducateOne is a track that aids and equips youth to overcome challenges in every situation.

Kids in Library

04  FitnessOne

FitnessOne is is a track that we believe will bridge the gap between youth well-being and physical activity, removing obstacles so that youth can build healthy relationships with physical and mental fitness. 

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